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Usage Basics

The basic Round2it Head in Cloudz vaporizer takes a half hour to heat to operating temperature. Once warmed up, it's ready for continuous use.


  • Wait 1/2 hour for the unit to reach operating temperature
  • Be careful! The stem will be hot after use, we're talking over 400° Farenheit (200° C).
  • Place the hot stem carefully on a heat resistant surface until cool


  • Leave your Round2it unattended
  • Cover the heat port with anything

User Manual

Coming soon!

Until then, this page has some immediate tips and useful information to help you have a great experience with your Head in Cloudz vaporizer.


Eventually the screen on the stem may become clogged. You should change the screen when it's difficult to push or pull air through the empty stem. Always clean the copper receptical/glass tube interface when changing screens to help prevent a stuck stem.


Regularly knock out any build-up of debris in the copper receptical with a dull implement, a toothpick will do. When the screen becomes clogged or damaged, it's a simple matter to pull the glass tube from the copper receptical to change the screen. Use a dull implement to push out the screen once the glass tube is removed. Where the glass and copper parts interface should be cleaned with alcohol when changing the screen to avoid a stuck stem.

Stuck Stem

The glass stem can become stuck in the copper receptical due to build-up of debris and oils from regular use. If this happens, do not use force. Place the empty copper receptical into base unit to heat it, just like for regular use. Allow it to heat for up to a half minute and carefully use hot pads to pull copper and glass apart. If it's still stuck, repeat the heating process, allowing it to heat a little more and be careful, those parts will be hot. Once apart and cooled, thoroughly clean the glass and copper interface with alcohol using a cotton swab or similar.


At its essence, the Round2it is a heater. There's always a burn potential with any heater. Use caution, pay attention and avoid accidents. Always set it down with the heat port (wooden inlay top) up and never cover it. Do not put anything in the heat port besides the stem and any product that may fall in from the stem to the heat port. Always visually check the heat port and immediately remove any debris. The heat port's screen is far more difficult to replace. Under normal use it should be good for the entire lifetime of the product.